Murray Grey Sires

Willalooka Pharoah P47

Pharoah is a well known son of Willalooka Leopold and is one of the best known bulls that Willalooka Pastoral Co. has bred. He is below breed average for birth weight EBVs and is a trait leader for 200, 400, and 600 day weights, carcass weight, and retail beef yeild. He is in the top 1% of the breed for growth and carcass weight, and appears in the top 100 bulls for Supermarket and Grass Fed Indexes. He is well known for his excellent, high producing daughters. They have good udder attachments and raise thick, beefy calves. Malcolm McDonald (former manager of Willalooka Pastoral Co.) said that in all the years they have been raising cattle only three bulls have earned the right to live out their lives on the ranch, Pharoah was one of the three.

Willalooka Unity U99


Unity is a leading son of Willalooka Pharoah (pictured above), and his grandmother is a full sister to the well known Willalooka Jumbo. He is the #2 Long Fed Export Index sire and the #16 Heavy Grass Fed Index sire in the breed. He is also below breed average for birth weight EBVs and is a trait leader in 400 and 600 day weights and carcass weight. Unity is known for siring light birth weight, high marbling cattle with good milk and maternal traits.


Eagle Rock Royal Prospect

BD: 1/20/05          BW: 82 lbs.
205 day Wt:                616 lbs.
365 day Wt:              1116 lbs.
Mature Scrotal: 44 cm

Royal Prospect is a son of Willalooka Pharoah (pictured at the top of the page) and is out of a Willalooka Power (pictured below) daughter, Lindale Gaiety 278G.  Royal Prospect is an extremely long bodied bull that is moderate framed with good muscle expression. He was the 2005 EISF Grand Champion Junior Bull Calf and the 2005 National Reserve Grand Champion Junior Bull Calf (at the Spokane Intercounty Fair). He comes from a great maternal background with a mother and sisters that are proven high producers, have excellent udders, and a good milk supply.


 Willalooka Power

Willalooka Power is one of the most popular Murray Grey bulls in the USA. He is a silver bull from one of the top Murray Grey studs in Australia. He is a multi-trait leader in four traits - 400, 600 day weights, scrotal size, and carcass weight. Power has over 307 progeny in 37 herds. His calves are around 80 lbs. or less, and are born easily. They don't grow as fast at first as some other calves, but by weaning they are at the top of the calf crop. They do especially well from weaning to yearling and excell in the feedlot. Power is the top carcass bull in Australia. He passes on this excellent trait to his calves. He has good females that milk well and raise big, growthy calves. He adds frame, growth, and an excellent temperament to his progeny. A special trait of Power's is his ability to throw any shade of gray from silver to black. His sons have been known to do the same.

LB Grey Kringle 6K
 BD:2/19/00  BW:77lbs  205 wt:613lbs    365 wt:1010 lbs    SC:44 cm

Kringle came from Little Bow Greys, a highly respected breeder in Canada. He is a black grandson of both Willalooka Power (featured above) and Monterey Marshall. He also boasts Warrook Zenda and Willowdale Khan in his pedigree. He has nice females with style, structural correctness, good udders, and depth of body that are tremendous producers. His sons are very long and masculine. He adds height, length, a good disposition, and good looks to his offspring, along with a large rump muscle that ties in low on the leg. His calves have consistently ultrasounded with low back fat, large rib eyes, and high marbling.


ERM Justifiable Arrogance

BD: 1/27/04        

Justifiable Arrogance (pictured here as a yearling) is a son of LB Grey Kringle (featured above) and Lindale Eden. He boasts in his pedigree such greats as Willalooka Power, Monterey Marshall, Lindale Bo Jangles, HH Milt Springs Sam-Inda (Lady), Rockliffe Patron, and Warrook Zenda. Justifiable Arrogance was the 2005 Eastern Idaho State Fair Reserve Grand Champion Bull. He is an extremely long bodied bull with good muscle expression and an excellent temperament. He is a trait leader in both Birth Weight and Calving Ease EPDs and is currently the #1 Birth Weight EPD bull in America.  

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